We enjoyed Sherry’s presentation so much that we’ve asked her back to present on two more topics this year. Her energy gets the crowd truly engaged in the process.

Promotional Products Association 


“What a pleasure it was to have a speaker that captured everyone’s attention. We loved it so much she is being brought back by overwhelming demand.”

Cambridge College (1,000 people) 


“Dynamic! Energetic! Enthusiastic! Engaging! Sherry’s workshops are presented in such a lively and participative manner. Attendees willingly give it their all! Sherry has a knack for challenging others to dig deep and share their experiences which allows for a collaborative learning environment. Sherry’s unique ability to share her stories and experiences is commendable! I sincerely recommend Sherry’s workshops to both small and large group settings!”


“When you are ready to ignite enthusiasm among your staff, spark energy in the room and see productivity in your organization explode, then it’s time to bring Sherry Ray into your shop. Sherry’s humor is infectious, but the message within her entertaining stories is real, and take-aways are immediately implementable. She presents in such a way that keeps the audience entertained while challenging them to look for that inner drive. I highly endorse Sherry for her engaging presentations and attest to the positive influence that her public speaking engagements have had on staff. She is in a league of her own!”


“Sherry is a determined ally for her client’s success. I came to Sherry 8 years ago for support in a career transition. She encouraged and challenged me to go in the direction of my dreams without hesitation. Since that time, my private practice flourished and I became one of only 30 Emotionally Focused Trainers in the world. Always, Sherry’s voice is there prodding me forward gently but firmly saying, “You can do it Spirit Man.” And i do…Sherry is a coach extraordinaire.”

Jim Thomas, LMFT, ISEECT Certified EFT Trainer, Director Colorado Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy


“Sherry Ray is worth her weight in gold! Her experience, diverse background and training pack a powerful punch.” 

Atlanta Falcons, Denver Broncos Alumni


“Working with you is a treat. Your insight to what I say somehow leads you to the questions you ask that challenge me. You help and allow me to think and see things differently. In short, you help me to realize more potential in myself and bring that potential to life. Unlike involving friends, relatives, and/or associates in situations concerning who I am and where I want to go in life, you are objective. It is exactly that objectivity that is so helpful. I can relax, not having to contend with outside emotional or “political” input if you will. As you know, my progress has been tremendous, to say the least. I look forward to our continued relationship and highly recommend you to anyone who has the least bit of desire to better their life, whether it be personally or professionally.” 

JW Publisher


I first heard Sherry speak at our December Regional meeting. It was the end of the year and I was worn out from our high selling Holiday Season. I had been reflecting on the year and was frustrated and discouraged at the meager growth my business performed. As I sat in the back of the room with my team I was immediately struck by the high energy radiating from Sherry as she came to stage. The dynamic presentation that followed not only inspired me but also moved me to action. I started that night thinking in a new way about my business and my role in its success. In January I sold my personal best and ranked in the Nation. I not only earned my company’s incentive trip but have one of my team members going as well.  Our team is more cohesive and producing more than it ever has in sells and recruitment. I continue to work with Sherry in a coaching capacity, which reflects her commitment to motivating, guiding and leading others to success. It all started with one motivational presentation.

Independent Leader and Consultant


“After developing a successful clientele base in Denver, my wife and I decided to move back to California to be near family in failing health. I was the top producer in my branch and was not thrilled with the prospect of starting over. After struggling for nearly a year and not achieving the success I expected, I heard Sherry give her talk at the Annual Bronco Alumni Board Meeting. Taking the Alumni’s offer and advice to take advantage of her services was the best decision I could have made.

I was stuck in a rut and Sherry coached me out of it. She looked at every aspect of my life to help me find a balance between family, self, career and God. Her sales experience was so beneficial; she helped me quadruple my volume in the 6 months of coaching. I’m now the top producer in my branch again and have moved up to number 12 in the company. She’s like having my own Tom Hopkins. Her ideas and methods produced results. 

In the 5 years since I retired from football, I managed to pack on 25 pounds, she encouraged me to get back in the gym and lose some weight. Those extra pounds are gone and I’m shooting for losing another 10. Getting back in the gym has helped increase my energy and productivity and improved my attitude.”  

Mike Horan, retired NFL Super Bowl Champion