Finding Traction – Recapture Your Drive At Work

If you think pulling your steering wheel off at 130mph makes you feel out of control, imagine spending years in the workplace unhappy, unfulfilled and unsure of yourself or feeling off track. Finding Traction is all about putting you back in the driver’s seat. 

Finding Traction provides real life stories, insights and tools to help you:

  • Recognize and better understand where things may have gone wrong
  • Teach you to recognize and get past your limitations
  • Identify your personal values to gain a clearer understanding of what you must have to be happy
  • Learn how to ask for what you really want
  • Gain better listening skills
  • Deal with insecure people
  • Manage conflict in a constructive way

As a leader within the corporate business world who wondered if staying within the bureaucratic, red tape-laden, often-cold world of business was where I belonged, reading FINDING TRACTION made me laugh as I envisioned the stories Sherry tells. It literally gave me a feeling of being reinvigorated and the ability to find the self motivation to keep going. Sherry’s storytelling talent and the humor she brings to this book are both inspiring and just plain fun. –Andrea Pettit, Senior Director

FINDING TRACTION is the ideal book to motivate you and help you break out of routine ways of trying to overcome dissatisfaction, stuckness and conflict at work. It’s full of easy to implement tools and principles that can (surprisingly quickly) lead to more happiness not only professionally, but personally. Mid-read, I test drove one of the book’s simple techniques on a long standing conflict that I had with a colleague, and our entire relationship immediately shifted in a positive manner! –Sonia Evans, Corporate Counsel

The ideas presented in Finding Traction not only apply to employees, but also those serving in a management capacity because it delves into the issues managers face on a daily basis: 

  • Increase personal and employee productivity 
  • Deal with disengaged employees and prevent it from becoming a significant problem
  • Empower employees by embracing their new behavior 

My intention is to empower you to have the best experience you can with the work you do day in and day out. This book was written in response to the requests of my clients to put the principles we discuss regularly in the form of a book that they use as a guide when they get stuck. It is full of my personal racing and business stories as well as those of my clients for an easy to understand and enjoyable read.

Fasten your seat belts and get ready to enjoy the ride.