Are You Stuck?

Many years ago my mentor said to me, “Why would you want friends that aren’t growing?”    I must admit I had a moment of silence where I was thinking…hum, then it really hit me…WOW!!  What a powerful question. Have you gotten so busy with your daily life that you forgot to grow and challenge yourself?

It is so easy to cruise through life on automatic pilot having forgotten how exciting it is to be challenged and learn new things.

There is pure joy in learning and growing  

Are You Stuck

Recently I watched my grandson yelling at the top of his lungs, prancing and grinning.  You see, he had gone potty all by himself.  There was such joy and pride on his face.  Talk about learning and growing, he was so thrilled with his new accomplishment.

How long has it been since you had a grin on your face and were puffed up with a feeling of self pride?  Take a moment to remember what it felt like.   (An easy moment is your very first drive alone when you got your driver’s license.)

Did You Forget To Live Your Dream?

Whether it is the dream of starting a business, taking that next management step up, the job of your dreams, or becoming the number one sales person in your field, do something this week that makes you feel like strutting and saying, “Yep, I rock!” What have you got to lose besides enduring another routine day?

Nearly everyone that comes to me for coaching has an itch to get on with something in their lives. Their growth is so positive and empowering, they begin to stand taller, smile more and embrace life. Let me help guide and empower you to living a more fulfilled life.

It’s time to be unstuck!