• Sherry Ray
    is like no other

     From race car driver and top sales producer to international business coach and national speaker, Sherry is a dynamo delivering insight and information you’ll use forever.

  • Delivering Insight and Information You’ll Use Forever

    Sherry Ray, author of Finding Traction – Recapture Your Drive At Work

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Introduction to Sherry Ray

  • Race Car Driver – Stop Spinning Your Wheels – Find Your Traction
  • Corporate Manager – Business Owner – She walked in your shoes!
  • Top Sales Producer – Understanding process, pressure, pain and rewards
  • Author – Finding Traction, Recapture Your Drive At Work
  • Decades of providing inspirational motivation and on-going support
  • Uncanny street sense – turning challenges into opportunities
  • Authentic life experiences/learnings you will relate to
  • Fun, Dynamic, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Engaging, Relevant, Real

See Sherry in Action!

Got Conflict?

When's the last time you yelled Yee-Haw!

Wish you could be selling more?

What People are Saying

“Sherry is a dynamo! Her HIGH energy and enthusiasm will hold the attention of any group. I have asked Sherry to address my local association group on several occasions and she has been a hit each time.”

Mark Petersen, Manager, Fleet Operations at Panasonic USA

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Finding Traction

Recapture your drive at work

If you think spinning out in a race car at 130 mph makes you feel out of control, imagine spending years in the workplace unhappy, unfulfilled and unsure of yourself. Finding Traction is all about putting you back in the driver’s seat.

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Sherry Ray Featured in the media

See Sherry featured on PBS TV

See Sherry featured on PBS TV